Campground Rules

Just a few reminders while you are staying in our campground.

  • This is a family friendly campground, as such, any conduct deemed disorderly, disruptive or inappropriate can result in the management asking you to leave. This is a privately owned campground therefore the owners reserve the right to refuse service to those not abiding by our rules and regulations. No refunds will be issued should you be asked to leave due to disruptive behaviour.

 Quiet Hours: Quiet time is from 11pm to 7am. No traffic or visitors on the campground after 11pm. Please ensure that your visitors are made aware.

  •  Music: We love music, you love music, but we all don’t love the same music so please keep music down in volume. Your music should not be loud enough to be bothersome to other guests. If music is an issue, you will be asked once to turn the music down, more than once you may be asked to vacate the campsite. Music is NOT allowed after 10 pm.

  •  Fire Pits: Keep fires small and in the fire pits only! The inner woods area of the campground is dry. Leaving a fire unattended is illegal in BC. Firewood is available at the convenience store – $5 per bundle. Fire bans will be strictly adhered to and may be placed at any time.[/box]

  •  Garbage: Each evening we pick up garbage from the cans that are placed around the campground. There are also receptacles for your empty pop/beer/juice cans, bottles, tetra boxes, milk cartons/jugs etc. for recycling. Please DO NOT leave food or garbage out any time as this could attract wildlife to the campground.

  •  Pets: Dogs are allowed but must remain on a leash or confined space (eg. small, portable wire cage for small dogs) AT ALL TIMES. Dogs that are vicious or bark a lot are not allowed. No dogs are to be left behind should you leave the campground temporarily and you MUST ensure you pick up any feces and place in the garbage can.

  • Office Hours: The office will be open from 9 AM – 8 PM daily from April – October. Should you require office staff outside of those times please use the call button located at the front of the office. In the event that the office staff is away from the office during office hours please check for a note regarding location, return times and contact information.

  •  Convenience Store: Open during office hours. Please notify us if there is something you would like to see in the store that we currently do not feature. Ensure all garbage makes its way into the various receptacles located around the campground.